Thursday, March 31, 2016

WINDOW OF DEATH, Book Two in the Window of Time Trilogy

Ever since I wrote the first draft of Window of Time in 2003, I dreamed of seeing this story in print--not only printed, because I did that many years ago at Kinkos. It didn't have a proper cover, nor had it seen a single beta reader. Now this project is two-thirds of the way through, and I'm excited about the way the last book is shaping up. 

I'm not the marketing guru that some of my friends are, but then I'm not at that point in my writing career to worry about that yet. Right now, I'm enjoying myself with writing. And I hope you'll enjoy what I'm writing, as well. 

In celebration of the release of WINDOW OF DEATH, I'm offering the e-book of Window of Time for the temporary price of .99 cents. If you buy the paperback of either book, you can download their E-book for FREE

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