Thursday, February 4, 2016

THE ZION TRAIL by Marsha Ward

I’ve been given the great opportunity to read Marsha Ward’s new historical fiction, The Zion Trial, debuting February 19th

Set in the late nineteenth century, it’s a story about fifteen-year-old Elijah Marshall’s conversion to the Mormon church, an action not readily accepted back then, by his neighbors, or even by some of his family members.  

I feel a certain empathy to the Marshall family and their difficult trials. Marsha Ward's genius rises to her highest peak in The Zion Trial, with spot-on period terminology and meticulous attention to detail. It pulled me back to that time when my Fourth-Great-grandfather Edson Whipple, and his family converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and took that Zion trail, and beyond, all because of their faith in Jesus Christ.

If you'd like to read some snippets from The Zion Trail, please go to Marsha's blog, Writer in the Pines. And stay tuned for more information on when you can buy a copy! 

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