Thursday, June 19, 2014

Janice Sperry's REBEL PRINCESS blog tour

Life can be so stressful for a teenaged fairytale princess living in the real word. Raven Perilous, who is “more evil witch than princess,” has her scowl down to a science.
Thirteen-year-old Raven, prone to losing shoes, Cinderella-like, whose kind words produce sparkling jewels from her lips, but since being nice isn’t on her list of things-to-do, frogs and slugs slide out instead. Ew! The day her nemesis arrives, in the form of the cutest-boy-who-ever-lived, named Eric Charming, strange things happen. Uh, stranger things happen, like her almost-BFF begins to sparkle.  
Janice Sperry creatively weaves an entertaining story of what life might be like if a princess grows up in the “real world,” using elements from children’s fairytales we all know and love. I read this adorable story in one sitting, riding the adventure along with Raven and Charming, as well as Edgar, Raven’s sorcerer, flame-throwing twin brother. 

This is a middle-grade fantasy, published by Cedar Fort. I received an advanced readers e-copy in exchange for this review, but that didn't taint my view of Janice's story. I loved it. My guess is, you will too. 

Rebel Princess
(This damsel is NOT in distress!)

"I was born to be evil.
Nice is NOT in my blood.
Besides, nice girls get locked in towers."

Raven Perilous is like any other middle school girl--if middle school girls are usually evil princesses. The daughter of a gentle princess and evil sorcerer, Raven spends most of her time being as wicked as possible to avoid being stuck in a tower.  So when Prince Charming shows up at her school.  Raven knows she has met her nemesis.

In The Rebel Princess, loyalty, heroism, and a pinch of enchantment are perfect for conjuring up an adventure that you'll never forget.

Janice Sperry lives in Utah with her husband and three children and assorted kitties.  She enjoys volunteering at the local elementary school and is exceptionally good at finding missing shoes, unless they are her own. You can follow her blog at

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