Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Kindness

In the world of writing, we interact a lot via the Internet. Either emailing, or messaging, or text, our toneless words reach out to others while we write blogpost, do critiques, or leave comments. If you are one of those authors who are lucky enough that your book is being published through traditional avenues, then you are now, or have had at some point, dealt with an editor attached to your publishing house. After you signed that contract and wait what seems like forever to get that first round of edits, the difficult part of your journey might just be beginning. You signed over your manuscript, your baby, to a total stranger, and you have to put your faith in that stranger to do the right thing. But it doesn't necessarily work out how you dreamed it would, and this is where kindness is essential.

In editing a manuscript, you will be emailing large portions of your book that has edits blanketing every page that you will be asked to accept almost without question. Kindness in the email explanation can mean the difference between a cordial relationship and heartbreak. Your kindly worded emails to your editor can mean the difference between that continued relationship and the breaking of your contract.

It's the same way with critiques. A fellow writer gives you a chapter, or even a whole manuscript for critique. Remember how you felt when you saw your edits, and be kind in your comments. This doesn't mean you can't be honest. How else can you help?

K is for kindness.


Jan Morrison said...

Excellent reminder! I would add that you don't wait for another to be kind - you just offer it persistently yourself.
Jan Morrison

Charmaine Clancy said...

Kindness is a great K word.

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