Monday, March 18, 2013

H.B. Moore's Esther the Queen: A review

Do you ever wonder what the lives are like of the people you pass on the street? Or see a carload of teenagers laughing and think about what brings them together—where they’re going? Maybe you get caught in a slow line at the grocery store and listen to a woman behind you talk on her phone while she discusses something totally personal? You hear about a little piece of her time, possibly make plans for an upcoming dinner or wedding, or even a funeral, and from that small peek into her life, you might try to guess what the rest of her days might be like.

To me, this is what it’s like reading H.B. Moore’s Esther the Queen. I know the story of Esther in the Old Testament. There are only ten, very short chapters. Not much in a life that had such an impact on the Jewish people in the Kingdom of Persia in 482 BC. But with Moore’s extensive research, impressive imagination, and disciplined writing, she brought Esther’s grace, beauty, faithfulness, and courage out from between the verses, and gave her deep, satisfying texture. With every carefully built description we saw Moore’s vision of what Esther looked like, and the kind, gentle way she treated the people around her. We were with her when she met her future husband, Ahasuerus, or King Xerxes as he was known. We shared in her mixed emotions when she agreed with her family to hide her Jewish religion until that time its disclosure was necessary. H.B. Moore skillfully gave Esther a voice that every reader with love as much as I did. 

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