Saturday, November 24, 2012

There's a special chemical in turkey that induces lethargy--it's called L-tryptopahn. Quite frankly, it not only made me sleepy beyond consciousness, but it had made me an amnesia-tic since eating the wonderful meal my sister-in-law cooked Thursday afternoon. But something this morning cleared my head. I don't know was it was, exactly. It could be the cool air blowing into our southwestern city of Yuma, teasing us that Christmas is coming soon. Or it could've been the two notes I found on the floor near my computer, blown there by that cooling breeze. The notes were supposed to remind me that I needed to chose the winner of the Marsha Ward's Spinster's Folly $15.00 Amazon e-card!!!

That's what I get for leaving the doors wide open and pretending I lived someplace where the sun didn't braze my clothes to my skin while dashing out to the car during the summer. Ah, well!

I want to thank all you readers who read and left a comment here and on my personal email. I so appreciate the time it takes away from your busy lives, especially this time of year when things can get so hectic!

Congratulations, Fay Klingler! I'll be getting in touch with you today... if I remember.

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