Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Value Stories for a Young Woman

A few months ago I heard through my ANWA group that Marilyn O. Diehl and Marta O. Smith were looking for short stories for a very special compilation Walnut Springs Press wanted to publish, and they needed women to submit true stories from their own life experiences. I think I worked with the young women for about a month before going into Relief Society, but I didn't have to try very hard before I remembered something that every women, young or older, should be able to relate to. I sent in my little story, and it was accepted. There are 50 stories based on the eight young women's values. I'm anxious to read the other 49. 

You may go to Latter-day Light books and order yours, or maybe you'd like to go to Amazon books and order it there. It is also available at Brigham distributing, which is based in Brigham City, Utah. This is also where book stores can order the book. 

Here is the back cover blurb:

Open this book and find over 50 uplifting stories for young women. Based on the eight Values, these stories will inspire, encourage, and motivate.

This all started at one of my favorite places in the whole world girls
camp, where girls have fun and strengthen their testimonies at the same time. I loved it there, and I want to go back every year I m allowed. But nothing strengthened my testimony more than falling down a mountain. Well, I didn t really fall down a mountain. It was more like falling down while skidding on my knee on a steep trail descending from a mountain. I ll start at the beginning. . . .
excerpt from Falling, by Bailee Eaton

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