Friday, June 1, 2012

I just joined Julie Coulter Bellon's June's writing challenge. It's different than NaNoWriMo in that we set our own word-count goal and we can continue writing on an existing manuscript. I like this much better. I don't have to set aside my current WIP and start over with something fresh, and I don't have to complete 50,000 non-coherent words just to say I finished. Yeah, this is very cool. There is even this beautiful icon to put up on your blog that leads back to Julie's website so we can read her words of inspiration and see how and what she, and others, are doing to achieve their goals. 

If you'd like to join along, click over and write in Julie's comments that you've joined. Easy peasy! Then we'll cheer each other on over this whole month, and we'll all be closer to achieving our writing goals. 

I'm soooo excited!!!!

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