Thursday, January 12, 2012

Conclusion-Silence is Necessary!

One must have total silence if a synopsis is to be written.

I didn't come to this conclusion lightly, but it was quite by accident. You see, I have no less than 3 completed manuscripts waiting to be queried in my computer files. They are lovely romances mixed with some adventure, and really? they don't need to be silenced by my inattention, or my unwillingness to get to the business side of writing. I've had my fun, and I'm still having fun with my current work-in-progress, but if I don't complete a synopsis for each of these manuscripts, they can never be queried and therefore can never be published, and therefore I should just quit writing altogether. What is the point of writing if not to publish?

So, even before getting out of bed this morning, I've been formulating the synopsis first paragraph of CHANGES.

Shush! I can't think!

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Kaylee Baldwin said...

I'm with you! I have to have silence when I'm writing something like a synopsis--actually I like silence all the time when I'm writing (which is impossible with 3 kids under 6--I don't remember what silence is...)

Good luck on the synopsis! ANWA was a huge help when I ws refining mine.

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