Monday, September 20, 2010

A Book Review-The Road Show

Okay, let’s get real. Most people who pick up and read an LDS book are Mormon. That’s almost a given. And authors who publish through a LDS publisher are targeting Mormons. That’s also a given. So, when I began reading Braden Bell’s "The Road Show" I fully expected it to be spiritual. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Right from the beginning I felt right at home amongst the misfits of Mormon society he created. I can relate to most of the problems Braden Bell set forth for his characters, with the exception of one. Not that Scott Jenson’s addiction with pornography isn’t a serious problem in today’s world, it is. But so is depression, and the emptiness that comes from a weakened or lost testimony.

Braden chose to spotlight five characters, each having to deal with a different moral, physical, or emotional crisis. He choreographed them together so adeptly, that I could see each of their faces, hear their voices, I could almost feel the texture of their clothes as they performed their way to the three-tissue conclusion. I dare anyone to read this short book and come away from it not be moved by the passion, or compassion for what Braden’s character’s go through.

Braden Bell is a very talented writer with a rich imagination. The Road Show is a definite hit with me. It will be with you too.

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Braden said...

Thanks Debra! How nice of you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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