Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve won an award. This is the first for my writing, and the only “talent” I needed was to have a blog. It doesn’t matter. I love it anyway. Many thanks to Don Carey, author of soon-to-be-released Bumpy Landings.

The Rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to several bloggers that you think deserve it.
4. Lastly, contact all the bloggers that you’ve picked for the award.
Seven things about myself, but I never said they were interesting.

1. I’ve read every Star Trek Original Series novel ever written. Some were terrible, while others kept my attention enough I could forget my worries. I found the old books in musty, dank, second hand bookstores in southern California, and treasured the time, not only reading them, but searching them out. Bookstores rock.

2. I’m an artist, and I’m quite good, too. I work mostly in pastels. Pastels are those little colored chalk looking sticks. I also work in acrylic paint. They’re easier than oil, and dry faster. Over the past couple of years I’ve won a Grand prize ribbon, (purple) a blue ribbon, (first place) and a red ribbon, (second place) in our county fair in the fine arts department for my portraits. If you “friend” me on my Facebook, you can find my (small) gallery of paintings. I only have four up right now. I work from photographs.

3. I’ve written 6 novels, all unpublished of course. (I’ve yet to be published.) And if you count my work-in-progress that I’ve overhauled four distinct times, I really have nine books done, or nearly done. I also have one novella finished-a sequel to the Pirate of the Caribbean, (That was just a fun project to do,) and I’ve written a fifteen minute road show play called “The Woods, The Wolf, and The Tour Guide,” which I helped direct. (We’re walking, we’re walking. . .) Yuma 3rd ward brought down the house! I never knew how gratifying it was to hear people laughing at something I conceived from scratch.

4. I’m afraid of flying, and of heights, and of the dark, and of speed, and of deep water, like the ocean. I suppose I could have given each of those fears their own number and then I would be done with my list . . . we’ll see.

5. I’ve needed glasses since first grade, but I didn’t get glasses until the tenth grade. I got through school squinting and sitting in the front row. I’m sure all my teachers loved me because I looked like I paid attention. In reality, I was so petrified not being ready that I overcompensated for being blind, literally. I can remember sitting on the floor when I was very young and watching the teacher move the little white sheep around the felt board teaching us how to add, and I knew at that point I couldn’t see the critters clearly. But I did learn to count, and read, and I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. Not bad for a bad start.

6. I had Lasik eye surgery in 1997, and now I don’t need glasses to read anything but small print, in dark rooms, which I try to avoid anyway. (Remember, I’m afraid of the dark.) Yay!

7. A few years ago I built an addition onto my home that almost doubled the size of the house. My major in college was drafting, and as a project for my computer-aided drafting class I used my original house floor-plan and added a dining room/family room/storage room, which I built after graduation. It took over two years to accomplish, but I did 95 percent of the work myself, including leveling the ground, digging the footings, and framing. I even wired the whole thing, teaching my two sons the fundamentals of electricity along the way. By the way, our city has strict building codes, which I’m told by the city inspectors, I stayed well above the requirements.

Now to complete the other requirement for this award. I need to “spread the love” to several other bloggers. I’ll try very hard to do this part. I'm sorry that the links don't work. I'm computer illiterate and I can't figure it out myself.

Rachael Renee Anderson http://rachaelreneeanderson.blogspot.com has her Happy Endings. Tour her website and learn about her recent book release, a fun romance called, Luck of the Draw. She’s a wonderfully talented writer and a heck of a nice person.

Rebecca Cornish Talley’s blog http://www.rebeccatalley.com is inspired by life. Her most recent post teaches about the fine art of putting together a query letter. It’s very informative. Someday I hope I’ll get to that point in my writing career.

David J. West’s website over at http://david-j-west.blogspot.com has a totally cool headliner. “Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart—A blog About My Writing And Interests, In Whatever Bizarre And Esoteric Field They May Fall.” Isn’t that cool? Be warned though! Sometimes his site isn’t child friendly, in my opinion. For instance, the pics he has up from Vintage Ads.

Braden Bell over at http://www.bradenbell.com has been on an anti-camping kick for a few posts. Don’t hold that against him. Buy and read his book The Road Show anyway. It’s a heart-tugging, spiritually uplifting, recently released novel that’s been getting great reviews. I have my review on my blog in case you want to scroll down and read it. Otherwise, go to Goodreads and check out some others.

Ranee Clark’s so adorable over at http://raneesclark.blogspot.com she’s all worried about missing deadlines and such, and is already planning on spending the whole month of November with her face embedded in her computer keyboard dedicated to NaNoWriMo.

Heather Moore at http://mywriterslair.blogspot.com just got through with a three-book give-a-way on her blog. She also posts her current word count on her site, probably to keep herself motivated, or maybe to help us get in the spirit and try to keep up—and she blogs.

Marsha Ward has a personal blog here http://marshaward.blogspot.com as well as one she shares with a dozen or so other ANWA writers. She’s a spectacular person as well as a great writer.

I hope you have fun reading.


Rachael Renee Anderson said...

Thanks, Deb! I feel so honored!

Braden said...

Thanks, Deb! You have had an interesting life!!!!

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